Cámaras de humedad

Cámara programable de temperatura y humedad WHTH-408L-0-880


The main function of chamber components are world famous configurations (high gold content), technology principle are advanced and reliable ,noise and energy saving can be the best control.

Apparatus having good operability, maintenance, good temperature stability and durability, good safety performance, do not pollute the environment and endanger human health.

Camara programable de temperatura y hume
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Cámara Salina

Serie CYF

Salt spray tester CYF series is for testing the corrosion-resistance of the product by various kinds of material surface treatment, such as after coating, electroplate, inorganic and organic membrane dermails, negative pole with antirust oil treatment or anti-corrosive treatment etc. Bo Nute principle draw salt water and then spray, atomization uniform, no crystallization of the blocking phenomenon, to ensure continuous testing, the compressed air nozzle on the way through it leading to the bubble column was wet, the corrosion solution and air nozzle atomized into a corrosive mist, inside the heater can maintain the temperature.

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