Probadores de resortes, máquina de ensayos universales para pruebas de tracción y compresión.

Máquina Universal de Prueba

Serie Dyno


Máquina universal para pruebas de tracción, compresión, flexión y corte.

Funcionamiento: manual, semiautomático, automático.

en la misma estructura es posible tener 3 células de carga, siempre montadas, para pruebas de compresión, así como pinzas para la tracción de rotura y no.

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Universal Testing Machine

Mod. "Aura" 


Operation is manual, semi-automatic, and automatic.

Testable objects include: springs, metal wires, plastics, cables, chains, hooks and other.

The test instrument can ve modularised takind into account that the structure can house 3 permanently installed load for compression test, and 3 sets of tensile grips for tests, including at break.

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Portal with fixed crossbar 20+20 tonnes for compression tests on bogies.

Equipped with two electric or hydraulic pressers, with optional “chasse” test device.




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Serie TM


This newly designed, numerical control torquemeter is capable of carrying out right-hand and left-hand torsion tests including at break. It is a freestanding

structure with precision ball-type guides.

Our system uses several cards to control the axes, sensor, and cells that are connected via CanBus to enable displacements to position or force at a feedback speed of 1000 Hz.

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